Repsco slipsheets save space and weight.

The Push-Pull Handling System

The pallet-free handling of unitized goods through the use of slipsheets and push/pull units mounted on forklift trucks can save money and reduce damage.

There are two main components at the heart of the Cascade Push/Pull Handling System:

  • A Load push/pull attachment is mounted on the front of an industrial forklift truck. This truck is powered by gas or electricity. It can allow the driver to either sit down or stand up and can have either three or four wheels.
  • The slipsheet used in the push/pull handling system is a thin plastic sheet used in place of the traditional pallet.

Potential users of the push/pull handling system will find helpful information about Cascade and its products by calling 1 (800) CASCADE, or visiting their website at

Photo Walkthough of the Push-Pull Handling System